My name is Tom and I like to get drunk a lot, This Friday night I was on the curb drunk off my ass. I tried to walk home but I would fall over or piss off a Homeless guy so I called my best friend Roger to pick me up and he came after an hour. "How Drunk are you?" Roger asked but I was to Drunk to answer him, I leaned on the dashboard and I fell asleep. After an hour I woke up in Roger's trunk and he left me a note "Well look who's up drunk ass, well I left you a laptop like you wanted enjoy!" I was in front of my house and I walked inside and Roger was passed out of my table.

I walked up the stairs and I started up the laptop and I saw there was one download in the it. I opened it up and it was an avi so when I opened it up it showed a static screen then it showed mickey mouse on a bench. I watched him on there for three minutes until Goofy was shown and he had a fork, mickey jumped off the bench and didn't look happy when Goofy came around. Mickey walked up to Goofy and kicked him in the knee, Goofy screamed and dropped his fork and held his knee. Mickey picked up the Fork and stabbed Goofy in the eye, blood came out of his eye quickly.

Mickey slapped Goofy thousands of times. Mickey took out the fork and when he did so Goof's eye came out with the fork. Micky kicked Goofy's jaw and it made a cracking sound when Mickey's foot made contact with Goofy's jaw. Mickey laughed at the pain he gave his friend Goofy, Mickey kicked the body of Goofy and Goofy was dead at this point. I nearly hurled and when Mickey looked at the camera the screen turned black and showed a shot a my house and then the camera showed a trail to a weird house, so tomorrow I will go there since the video showed me where to go.

I got up as early as 7:31 and Roger was still asleep and I left to the weird place and it looked like a ruined house, it was plain white and a tree was growing into the house. I went through the window and I saw a mickey mouse life sized figure. I went into a black room and turned on the light and I saw blood stains and pictures of the draft of the episode where mickey killed Goofy.

I felt a cool breeze come in the room and I heard foot steps. I tried to hide so I turned off the light and hid in the room. Someone opened the door and turned on the light and I saw who I never thought of seeing in a place like this it was Roger. He started to draw a new episode where Mickey kills Mini and once he was done he left the house, I ran out of the house and I went to the store to buy some soda to relax myself. I went home and Roger was no where to be seen.

I watched the news and it said someone had hanged himself on a tree on Silver street and the weird thing is I live on Silver street. I looked outside and I looked at the tree across the street and I saw the hanging man but not any man it was...Roger.. my best friend that would deal with me no matter what.

I walked to Roger with tears in my eyes and I felt his hand and started to cry and he had something in his pocket and I got a text when I was at the store and it said that there is something for you in my pocket. I reached into his pocket and saw a piece of paper with a link, I went back into the house and before I went inside I looked back with police and other people around him and taking him away.

I went on my laptop and went to the link and it was just a blank page with a download button. I clicked it and it downloaded ad once it was done I opened it and it was called White mouse.AVI Once it started up it showed an old man on a bench and I saw mickey walking past the man and threw a rock at the man, The man was knocked out when he was hit in the head.

Mickey was walking for many minutes and then met a tree, "I've come for you.." Mickey said in his high tone voice and he started to hang himself. Once he did the whole screen was red for like ten seconds, it showed goof's dead body from the other video I watched before this one. I turned off the laptop and Once I did someone was at my door and it was my other friend Robby and he had drinks for me and him. "Oh yeah I forgot it's drunk night" I said with a pretend smile trying not to make Robby unhappy on his favorite night.